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The ODDO BHF Forum is celebrating its 25th anniversary


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The ODDO BHF Forum is celebrating its 25th anniversary

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The ODDO BHF Forum is celebrating its 25th anniversary on the theme of Europe and is renewing an exceptional program:

• From January 6 to 11, the ODDO BHF Forum will bring together more than 300 issuers and 1,100 investors for over 10,000 digital meetings organized by ODDO BHF teams,
• From January 10 to 11, ODDO BHF Live will bring together fifty French, German, and international personalities from the world of politics, business, and finance to speak about the challenges facing Europe for several thousand private and institutional clients.


Paris, January 6, 2022.

The Franco-German group is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ODDO BHF Forum in 2022 and has decided to renew the event that was a huge success last year, by organizing its traditional Forum in a 100% digital format for corporate clients and institutional investors from January 6 to 11, and by recreating a television channel, ODDO BHF Live, which will bring together fifty exceptional personalities from the world of politics, business and finance for more than 20 hours of live coverage, to shed light on the challenges facing Europe in the coming decades.


The ODDO BHF Forum from January 6 to 11

For this 25th edition, 322 issuers (small, mid & large cap) have responded to the invitation issued by ODDO BHF teams (compared to 293 in 2021 and 250 in 2020) to meet with nearly 1,100 international investors (compared to 1,000 in 2021 and 600 in 2020, including 50% from France, 9% from Germany, 13% from Northern and Southern Europe, 19% from the United Kingdom and 9% from North America). More than 10,000 meetings (10,000 in 2021, 6,400 in 2020) will be organized 100% online in one-to-one, one-to-few, and public sessions. These meetings will enable French, German and European companies seeking financing to support their growth and development projects to enter into discussions with investors from all over the world, guided by the expertise of the ODDO BHF Group's analysis, sales and corporate access teams.


ODDO BHF Live 2022 from January 10 to 11

As France takes over the presidency of the European Union for six months, the theme of ODDO BHF Live will be Europe and the collective challenges facing Europeans from 2022 onwards: the persistence of the pandemic, the fight against climate change, financial innovation, artificial intelligence, the agri-food revolution, and the assertion of Europe's sovereignty in the world, particularly in the face of the American and Chinese giants.

To answer these questions, ODDO BHF has invited a panel of fifty decision-makers and exceptional personalities to join its experts and analysts on the Studio Gabriel stage or virtually from Germany, Switzerland, the United States or China, for more than 20 hours of live coverage accessible to the Group's individual and institutional clients as well as those of our partners Natixis-CIB and BBVA, with the aim of offering this live event to more than 10,000 individual and institutional investors in Europe and around the world.

Among the renowned personalities from the political world who have agreed to come and share their expertise and their vision of the challenges that we Europeans will face in the coming decades: the former Vice President of the United States and 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore, the former Vice Chancellor of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, the former German Minister of Economy and Energy, Peter Altmaier, the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, and the Minister President of Bavaria, Markus Söder.

A large number of representatives of French, European and international companies will be gathered around ODDO BHF's experts to give their analysis of the situation during the pandemic, explain how companies have adapted and outline the outlook, including: Stéphane Bancel (CEO of Moderna), Thomas Buberl (CEO of Axa), Jean-Charles Decaux (CEO of JCDecaux), Luisa Gomez Bravo (Head of Investment Banking at BBVA), Ola Källenius (CEO of Daimler), Yan Lan (Head of Lazard Bank in China), Fabienne Lecorvaisier (Deputy CEO of Air Liquide), Catherine MacGregor (CEO of Engie), Laurent Mignon (Chairman of the Management Board of BPCE), Patrick Pouyanné (CEO of TotalEnergies), Angela Titzrath (CEO of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG) and Changpeng Zhao (CEO of Binance).

Intellectuals, researchers, professors, doctors, and members of think tanks will also be with us to contribute their views and critical vision in the context of the various round tables organized to discuss the European challenges in the fight against the pandemic, climate change, in favor of innovation, investment in artificial intelligence, finance, tech, the agri-food revolution, or to decipher the place and role of Europe in the world in the face of Chinese ambitions and American tightening. Our analysts and experts will be joined by, among others, Aurélie Jean (researcher, specialist in artificial intelligence), Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer (director of the German Marshall Fund in Paris), Arnaud Fontanet (epidemiologist, member of the scientific council set up to manage Covid-19), Dominique Moïsi (special advisor to the Institut Montaigne) and many others.

You can find the full program of ODDO BHF Live 2022 attached and on our website.


Philippe Oddo, General Partner and CEO of ODDO BHF Group, said: "The purpose of this forum is to bring together personalities from around the world, representing a wide variety of sectors and responsibilities, to inform the investment decisions of our clients, business leaders, private and institutional investors. The key themes addressed will be linked to the major trends of tomorrow's world: the energy revival, the implementation of ESG criteria in asset management, digitalization, and the rise of AI and blockchain, particularly in the field of finance, the storage capacity and speed of data processing, for example in healthcare, or major innovations in sectors such as agri-food. Europe is and will remain at the heart of our reflections, given the Franco-German roots of our platform, whose ambition is European. We will also look at Europe's place in the world, in the context of new relations with China and the United States.”






ODDO BHF is an independent Franco-German financial services group, with a history stretching back over 170 years. It was created from the alliance of a French family-owned business built up by five generations of stockbrokers and a German bank specialising in Mittelstand companies. With 2,500 employees (1,300 in Germany and Switzerland and 1,200 in France and Tunisia), and more than 125 billion euros in assets under management, ODDO BHF operates in three main businesses, based on significant investment in market expertise: private banking, asset management and corporate and investment banking. The Group has a specific ownership structure as 65% of its capital is held by the Oddo family and 25 % by employees. This “partnership” ethos guarantees the long-term involvement of its teams. In 2020, ODDO BHF generated net banking income of 624 million euros, and at 31 December 2020, the Group had over 940 million euros of shareholders' equity.




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